Memorial May Motivations

So, May doesn’t end until tomorrow but I’m writing my last May recap today. Because of all my travel in the month of June I won’t be setting any mini goals so this is the last goal recap post for a few weeks.

It would be an understatement to say that this past week was crazy. Let’s see how I stacked up against the goals I set for myself for the month.

1. Watch less TV.

There have been some ups and downs this month but overall I would give myself a B+. I have made significant improvement. I consider every time I turn the TV off a step in the right direction.

2. Read more.

When I looked back at my notebook and saw that I didn’t read any books in February I knew I succeeded on this goal. (I actually can’t remember the last time in my life that I didn’t read at least one book in a month. Comparison: Last year by this point I had read over 200. When did I have the time?) This month I’ve read 4.5 and will definitely keep working to improve that this summer.

3. Go to bed right away.

I’m wishy washy on this one. My schedule has been so crazy lately and I’ve been making a concerted effort to spend more time with people.  A little less sleep is worth it. I’d give myself a B- on this.

4. Make commitments.

Since I’m leaving in just a few hours more than a week (eek!) I’d better have an A here. 😀 I actually used my day off to go through my bright red file folder of confirmation forms to make sure I really had booked all the hotels and transportation I needed. I get a big fat A+ here.

5. Stick to my training plan.

I am still incredibly thankful for this plan. I have made modifications to that but I think that’s the brilliant part of training plans; they’re flexible. Last week, for instance, I realized that if I ran my scheduled 4 miles on Monday that would put my total week’s mileage way more than 10% more than the week before. Combine that with sore muscles and dropping down to 1.5 made perfect sense.


FitBlog Chats

So, last week I posted my goals. Then I went and forgot about the challenge for the rest of the week. (I told you last week was crazy. Oops. I even wrote the word “planks” on my hand today to make sure I remembered. Here are my updated goals:

Week 1--3 days holding 10 seconds longer each time with a final time of 1:50  1 day completed. Total 1:30
Week 2--final time of 2:00
Week 3--final time of 2:30
Week 4--final time of 3:00
Week 5--final time of 3:30
Week 6--final time of 4:00

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