Saying Goodbye

Over the past few weeks I’ve often thought about this post and what I would write in it. I knew I would write the post of course. How could I not? It’s a huge change.

God has a way of changing things even the most permanent-seeming things.

Yesterday I said goodbye to 1st period.

and 2nd period

and third period

"I am not a creppy Mexican man."

who wrote the sweetest notes

Then came 4th period

and 5th period

and finally 6th, my last class period ever.

As I look back on yesterday I’m thankful for my time with my students both good and bad. I choose to remember the lessons God taught me rather than dwell on things that would bring me down.

This afternoon when I leave I close the door to this chapter of my life and look forward to the next step.



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2 responses to “Saying Goodbye

  1. eric

    This has been a great chapter in your life and I believe God has used it to make you grow. I’m excited to see how this next chapter plays out.

  2. Susan

    Great post!….bittersweet.

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