Back in the Goal Game

I learned an important lesson in June. Breaks are nice but I need goals to thrive. With that said, here are my goals for July.

1.  Set and follow a schedule.
For the next 7 or 8 weeks I have no set schedule with work or school. Right now I don’t even have a to do list. Both of these things are going to change as soon as possible. I’m going to make a flexible “work” schedule to make myself focus on the things I want to get done (and need to get done) this summer.

2. Track my food and eat slowly.
I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I gained a few pounds over these trips. On top of that I really want to get down to the weight that I maintained for over a year. (I would love to get a little lower but I’m not going to push it with marathon training.)
I want to do this sensibly so I will track my food using and focus on taking my time while I eat.

3. Complete each day of marathon training.
Officially, this started last Monday. I think this goes hand in hand with goal #3. I am excited and nervous about this. Monday will be my marathon training day so I’ll post my tentative/flexible plan this coming Monday. (Or Sunday, since Monday is my birthday and a holiday. Who knows? It could be later. :D0

4. Participate in the 3000 for 35 #fitblog abs challenge.
FitBlog Chats

Yes, another challenge. I knew I might not be able to complete the planks challenge. I didn’t. I haven’t done a single plank since.
I’m actually really excited about this challenge because I think it’s a perfect fit with my other goals.

Here’s to a success-filled July!


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