Destination: Spinx Marathon

A month and a half ago I received an email announcing the opening of registration for the Spinx Marathon. Not only did I register the first day but also I registered in the first half hour.

I didn’t sit down and think about what training for a marathon entailed. I decided months ago that I would run this race. I jumped on registration as soon as I could so I could get a free tech-T to declare that I was training for the Spinx Marathon.

The time has come. I am officially one week into training for my first marathon. I plan to recap each week of training on Monday. In addition I will most likely post my thoughts on my longer runs and other aspects of training. All of these posts will be grouped together in my marathon training page. (Look for this sometime later this week.)

Earlier today I customized/edited my smartcoach plan I will keep this updated as well as post my goals for the coming week and accomplishments for the past week in the weekly posts.

So, without further ado here’s the recap of Week 1 Spinx Marathon Training

Week 1
Mon: Easy run 3 miles 2.5 due to time constraints and body constraints (no training for 3 weeks)
Tue: Crosstraining No access to gym
Wed: Interval speedwork 2×1600 w/800 jogs still no access to gym; moved to Thu
Thu: Crosstraining Interval speedwork 2×1600 w/800 jogs instead
Fri: Crosstraining oops forgot what I did here
Sat: Long run–9 miles too much mileage; Red, White and Blue Shoes 5k + 2.5 miles on treadmill

Week 2
Mon: pump class @ gym
Tue: 2 easy miles
Wed: Tempo 5 miles
Thu: 5:30am pump class
Fri: 30-45 minutes stationary bike
Sat: Long run–6 miles
Sun: Yoga or rest


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