London Days 1 & 2: the beauty of the Lake District

As promised, I’m finally posting my recaps of my epic adventure across the pond. After a wonderful birthday yesterday I’m ready to dive into my to do list and, of course, share my adventures.

The trip started Tuesday, June 7 at 5:25pm at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. After a hitch free initial flight,  I enjoyed many late hours in Toronto because my flight to Heathrow was delayed from 11:20pm to 12:45pm.

I had enough of a cushion though so I was still able to catch my train to Windemere in the Lake District. Instead of spending money for a taxi I walked just over a mile to the B & B. I was in love already.

My room wasn’t much but it was a bed and place to relax.

The view from the room made up for what it lacked in size.

After a good night’s sleep and an interesting breakfast…

I headed out with the intention of walking a few miles to Hill Top Farm, Beatrix Potter’s home. The directions weren’t very clear but I found the pier and some lake cruises. Lake Windemere is the longest lake in England.

I sat on top for the unobstructed view and braved the bitterly cold winds. The views were worth it.

The world's not tilted. I just have trouble with straight lines.

After the cruise I enjoyed a mocha and a mozzarella and spinach panini from a local (and better) Starbucks-like company, Costa.

After lunch I thought about finding the right ferry and then the bus to Hill Top but I didn’t ask soon enough. Even so, Windemere had plenty to offer.

Though I didn’t see grand historical things or other landmarks this was my favorite day by far. So long, Windemere!



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2 responses to “London Days 1 & 2: the beauty of the Lake District

  1. Susan

    LOVE this post! Makes me want to be there!!!

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