Spinx Marathon Training: Week 1

It’s official. Week 1 of training for my first marathon has come and gone.

(I know I listed the past week as week 2 of marathon training but I didn’t really start until July 4th so I’ve adjusted the week numbers.)

Overall I had a successful week though it definitely was an eye-opening experience. I lost a lot of fitness over my 3 week break and I have to take that into account as I ease into this program.

Here’s how Week 1 went down:

Monday: pump on my birthday
This was amazing. I celebrated the minute of my birth by pushing myself in the hardest pump class I have ever taken at the gym. My muscles were sore for days after.

Tuesday: 2 easy miles
I ran this at the prescribed pace per my smartcoach plan but it was not easy. Clue #1. I finished though.

Wednesday: 5 mile run with 3 miles at 8:34 pace
This did not go anywhere near as planned, pace wise. With a combination of the treadmill and the time off my body is not ready to run 3 sustained miles at that pace. I lowered the pace and managed to finish the five miles. I will be adjusting the pace of my future runs because my goal is to finish.

Thursday: pump @ 5:30am
This class was nothing compared to Monday’s class. The instructor used quick repeat sets. By the time I set up for a particular exercise she was about to move on to the next. The class did stretch me out though. I also appreciated the extra time I had in the day from working out so early in the morning.

Friday: stationary bike
This is the one ambiguous day on my training schedule. I hope to become more specific but right now Fridays on my schedule read “bike @ gym”
Last Friday I managed 19 miles in about 40 minutes. (I don’t remember my exact time.)

Saturday: Long run 6 miles
I learned several lessons on this run. First, humidity is a killer. I thought I could start out “late” and still be okay. Yeah, that’s not going to work. Second, I love my camelbak. I’m sure the run would not have gone well otherwise. Third, I still hate “the hill of death” around mile 2. Fourth, walking breaks are not bad. I took a couple but they helped me finish.

Sunday: yoga or rest
I chose not to go to yoga at the gym but instead knocked out my go-to abs workout to get a little further along in the 3000 in 35 challenge.

I consider this week a success.

The plan for this week (already adjusted)
Monday: 3 miles easy
Tuesday: hot yoga (1st time!) and pump
Wednesday: 5 miles easy
Thursday: pump @ 5:30am
Friday: bike at gym
Saturday: long run 6.5 miles
Sunday: yoga or rest


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