3000 in 35: Week 2

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As usual, I started to forget about the challenge when week 2 came around. That’s usually what keeps me from completing the challenge or having to make up a bunch later on.

This week I completed the challenge in 2 separate parts. Although I usually try to get to 2 group strength classes at the gym, I managed to forget that the class I wanted to go to on Monday was at 9:30 in the morning, not the afternoon.

Instead I completed the same at-home ab workout on Sunday and the group strength class this morning.

Sunday: I added 3 sets of bicycle crunches to the workout to bring the total to 400 instead of 300.

Thursday: The instructor must have known that I needed 200 exercises instead of the 100 I needed last week because we had plenty of ab exercises today.

Thoughts for the Week:  While I met the 600 exercises goal for the week I’m not completely satisfied. It didn’t feel hard or like I was stretching myself. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to make this a little more challenging for myself but I know that a big part of that will be making sure I at least think about the challenge once a day.


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