Spinx Marathon Training: Week 2

This training cycle feels like it’s flying by already. I learned a lot last week and would definitely consider it a success.

Week 2 in review:

Monday: The plan originally called for 5 miles. I didn’t look at it before going to bed so I prepared for an easy 2 miles. With the exception of a few Mondays my training plan usually calls for 2 miles. I started to learn the importance of mental preparation. I scaled my run down to 3 miles and planned to up the mileage on the other runs.

Tuesday: hot yoga and pump. By this point I’d already started to feel a little under the weather with a sore throat. I’d already scheduled the hot yoga class but I cancelled thinking it would be better to rest. By the time 11am came around I felt better and rescheduled the hot yoga. I also realized that the pump class was in the morning, not the afternoon. I’d missed it. Oops. How did hot yoga go? I’ve never sweat so much in my life. On Wednesday and Thursday I had shoulders so sore it hurt to lift my arm up to grab a mug from the cupboard. 😀

Wednesday: easy 5 miles. I was not prepared for this at all. My sore throat had turned into a cough (which by the way lasted for several days) and I woke up debating whether or not I should run. I forced myself to run. This run was tough because my mind was not into it at all. I pushed through and called it a good learning experience.

Thursday: pump @ 5:30. I liked her sets a lot better and we did more ab work. I consider this a success and loved getting my work out in early so I’d be free to prepare for my trip to NC. (aka the midnight screening of Harry Potter!)

Friday: bike at gym. I changed this to a rest day. I coughed so much on Friday it was unreal. My body needed the rest.

Saturday: 5.5 originally changed to 6.5. I had my doubts about this run because of the cough that would not go away. I just couldn’t get over the fact that I still wanted the mileage and though I might feel better if I got the workout in. Plus, the weather was absolutely perfect.  I couldn’t turn it down. Thankfully I had a super run. I didn’t focus on my pace and instead added a few detours on my route. Before I started I told myself that this would be a good run. I had a good run. I even stretched the run to 7 miles and tried Gu chomps. They definitely provided a good boost.

Sunday: yoga or rest. I didn’t go to yoga but I did do plenty of ab exercises. I realized yesterday morning that when I added up the number of exercises from my ab workout I multiplied 3 x 20 and came up with 90. I was 210 behind. Oops. 😀

The plan for next week? The same as this week except for different mileages and no hot yoga. I didn’t like it that much.



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3 responses to “Spinx Marathon Training: Week 2

  1. I love following training cycles!! Good luck!

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