3000 in 35: Week 3 update

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I can’t believe that 3 weeks have gone by since the start of this challenge with only 2 weeks remaining. This week I feel like I’ve actually made progress on that front. Here’s how things went down this week.

Sunday: I realized early that morning that math must not be my strong suit. When I initially added up the number of reps I multiplied 20 x 3 and got 90. In total I was 210 exercises behind. Oops. That morning before rehearsal i made up those 210 with crunches. (That was the easiest exercise for me to think of on the spot.) Then later that afternoon I balanced out the crunches with some back extensions, about 100.

Monday: That day I did 100 bicycle crunches just to keep up.

Tuesday: Pump class knocked me out, with DOMS that is. We did over 200 ab exercises. I lost exact count but I think I did 225.

Thursday: Last night when I went to bed I was still so sore that the thought of waking up at 5am to go to pump was out of the question. I took today as a complete rest day except for squeezing in the remaining 75 exercises for the week.

While DOMS isn’t the most pleasant feeling in the world I love it. It means my muscles are getting stronger and that’s exactly what I want!



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2 responses to “3000 in 35: Week 3 update

  1. I don’t mind being sore either 🙂 In fact, I kind of like it…kind of…

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