London Day 8: Quick jaunt to Paris

When a trip to Ireland didn’t work out I googled day trips. I found a day trip to Paris. When I realized that I could go to Paris, see the sights, and come back in one day I had to do it.

Since this day trip called for an early wake up and arrival at the train station I had to make sure everything was ready before I went to sleep. I also would be heading straight from St. Pancras to the airport so everything had to be ready for that leg of the journey as well.

The Eurostar is amazing. I traveled from London to Paris in 2 hours 15 minutes, part of that time under the English Channel.

Once I arrived I placed my backpack in a locker (Gare de Nord is awesome for that fact alone) and tried to figure out the subway system. (I like Paris’ the least.) When I asked for help I couldn’t understand a word of what the woman said. Thankfully she circled some things that helped me understand.

I got out of the subway and emerged to see this.

That would be the Louvre. Chills went down my spine when I saw that.

I couldn’t believe the grandeur of the former palace and the fact that I got to see this beautiful piece of modern architecture.

I wandered around for a while trying to figure out how to get in. I saw a line of people trying to get into the glass pyramid and wondered why people lined up just to get into that pyramid.

Yes, I am a little slow.

Once I got in and bought my ticket I started to wander around the museum with the free museum guide. Once again I became as giddy as a school girl when I saw some of these pieces.

Cupid and Psyche by Canova

Captives by Michaelangelo

Winged Victory

(something to do with the French Revolution)

Code of Hammurabi

Then the “main” attraction:

The Mona Lisa

I had to stand on my tip toes and use all the zoom on my camera just to get the picture. This is what I had to fight just to get the picture.

After I saw everything I wanted to I pulled out my Frommer’s Paris in 1 day guide and started walking.

After waiting far too long for lunch I finally settled on a place and ended up with an omelette…

and a lot of bread…

plus a neat dispenser for water.

I figure that since this was the only “real” restaurant that I went to on the trip I should post all the pictures. 😀

After lunch I kept walking.

That’s Notre Dame in the distance. Cue the chills.

I didn’t go in due to the line. The outside was beautiful enough.

From there I boarded a double decker subway train to the Champs Elysees starting with the obelisk from Luxor, Egypt aka the oldest manmade object in Paris.

Fun historical fact for you: This obelisk was in the same area where Madame Guillotine took care of hundreds of victims during the French Revolution.

I knew that this historic walk was about 2 miles but I had plenty of time so I strolled along and enjoyed every minute.

I could see the reward for the walk the entire time.

The Arc de Triomphe

This time I decided to go inside and climb the stairs. My Frommer’s guide said that the views were the best in all of Paris. The guide didn’t say how many stairs there were though.

I attempted a picture while in the stairs but it didn’t turn out.

Climbing those stairs after walking 2 miles was hard. The views more than made up for it though.

When I walked down I had just one thing left on my list, that ultimate Paris icon.

I couldn’t believe I stood right underneath the Eiffel Tower!

I didn’t go up though. I had already seen Paris at it’s best. Besides, I’m not a big fan of lines. Instead I bought an ice cream cone, sat on a bench and soaked in all I had seen that day and the entire trip. Wow.

From here I headed back to Gare de Nord to board the train back to St. Pancras in London. I boarded the Underground for one last trip all the way back to Heathrow where I stayed overnight before heading back to the states.

Just like that my whirlwind trip was over, a trip I will never forget.


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