3000 in 35: Week 4 review

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This challenge is almost over. I’m happy to say that I’ve done fairly well in this challenge with the exception of my week 2 slacking.

Here’s how things went down this week: I completed the 600 exercises in 4 different sections on 3 different days.

Sunday: I skipped pump again. (It’s hard to find the motivation to go to the gym on Sundays.) Instead I completed 200 of my at-home ab exercises.

Tuesday: I really like the pump class on Tuesday mornings. I’m going to miss it when I have to go back to teaching (substituting). We didn’t do as much ab work as last week so I got in only 125 exercises. I meant to add 75 exercises on Wednesday but completely forgot.

Thursday: I nearly talked myself out of going to the 5:30am class this morning. I’m glad my mom told me I should go. I needed the kick in the pants. (She was very kind about it. :D) We did a ton of ab exercises, some that I’ve never done before either. I got in 230. Then I added in 70 more just a few minutes ago. (I realize now that I only needed to do 45. Told you math is not my strong suit.)

I’m excited for this last week! I won’t be doing any specific ab exercises until Monday or Tuesday though because I leave tomorrow for San Francisco! I get to run the 1st half of the San Francisco Marathon!


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  1. Nice job getting to that 5:30am class!!! Its always tough getting about of bed, but usually worth it when we do!

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