Spinx Marathon Training Week 4

Out of all my weeks of training so far I would rate this one as being the best, mainly because of what came yesterday. Before I get ahead of myself let me back up and review the week.

Monday: 2 miles easy. I meant to get up early to do this run outside but something happened with my alarm. No problem. I just hopped on the treadmill and banged out the 2 miles. I wanted to keep going. I felt really strong and couldn’t wait for more running later in the week.

Tuesday: 9:30am pump class. This is my new favorite class at the gym and I’m so sad that I’ll miss this tomorrow. 😦 Our flight doesn’t get back until right about when the class ends. We didn’t do as much ab work last week but the class was still good. Side note: I’m friends with the instructor on facebook. When I posted my dailymile review mentioning the above fact she commented and promised to add more next week. :D)

Wednesday: 2 x 1600 with 800 jogs. I’ve had to be more realistic with my training plan. I’m following through with the distances and types of run but I’m taking the times down at least a full minute right now. For this one I ran the 1600 legs at 9:15 instead of 8:13 as my smartcoach plan mentioned. I completed these miles and might have been able to push at a slightly faster pace but the workout was a huge success in my book.

Thursday: 5:30am pump. This class is definitely not my favorite but it really helped with my productivity for the day. We did plenty of ab exercises in this class and not the usual ones either. This instructor also specializes in yoga and pilates and often brings in pilates exercises and yoga stretches.

Friday: bike at the gym. I ended up not doing this so I could get packed for the trip. I probably could have squeezed it in but I didn’t want to risk not being ready to go when Mom came home. I did try to stay active around the home though.

Saturday: rest due to travel. Since the race was on Sunday I switched those days on my calendar. There would have been no way to squeeze in any exercises anyway. Instead I got to go to the expo for the San Francisco Marathon (amazing!) where I bought 30 packs of Gu Chomps even though I have a whole Gu sampler pack waiting at home. 😀 I wanted to do more sightseeing that day but our host was with us the whole time and she can’t really walk more than a few hundred yards at a time.

Sunday: San Francisco Marathon 1st Half (I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to say that. :D) The full recap is to come soon. I’ll be writing a post on the expo and the rest of the stuff we did on Saturday tomorrow and then recap the race on Wednesday. (I have to wait until I get home and have access to my computer and all my pictures.) The short side of the story is that I absolutely loved it and I have fallen in love with this race. I want to come back next year to run the 2nd half and the year after to run the full. The race worked well as a training run and I’m not sore at all today. Seriously. I could go on forever.

Week 5’s plan
Mon: 2 miles easy (done!)
Tue: ab exercises either at the gym or home when I get back
Wed: … (to be filled in later…I don’t have my plan with me)
Thu: 5:30am pump
Fri: bike at gym 45-60 minutes at level 8 for at least 10 miles
Sat: 16 miles (eek! PDR for sure!)


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