3000 in 35: Challenge in Review

Before I talk about the challenge I want to mention the cosmetic changes on the blog. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but just never got around to it. On my to do list I reminded myself to make a training page. When I came to my blog and saw all the increased traffic from posting my San Francisco Marathon 1st Half recap on the San Francisco Marathon Facebook page I took the plunge.

I love the clean look already. Now the bolded text actually looks bolded instead of a little darker. 😀 There are a few other changes I want to play around with but that will come later.

FitBlog Chats

So the challenge has finished. Ashley  extended the challenge until Sunday but I finished today. I’ll recap the final week and then give my thoughts on the challenge overall.

The San Francisco Marathon and travel pushed all my ab exercises to the final 3 days of the challenge, 200 each day.

Tuesday: I thought we might get back in time for my favorite pump class. Unfortunately we did not. Even if the flight hadn’t been delayed we would have landed right when class ended. The instructor even posted on my Facebook wall that she’d added more ab exercises! Instead I unpacked and then banged out 200 of my at-home ab exercises.

Wednesday: Crunches plain and simple. I like the burn I feel when I do a whole bunch of these and their easy to do. All I need is the floor and the edge of a couch to anchor my feet.

Thursday: In pump we didn’t do as many ab exercises so I had to add 90 crunches at home.

Overall thoughts: I loved this challenge. My middle is definitely not my favorite part of my body. The number wasn’t too excessive though to prevent me from completing the challenge but that’s the one thing I think could be improved.

Maybe it was because I wasn’t challenging myself with new exercises but I expected a little more soreness and/or definition.

I hope #fitblog has another challenge in the works. I’m definitely a sucker for them.


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