Spinx Marathon Training Week 5

This week was full of highlights including an awesome recovery run and a PDR. (personal distance record for the non-runners)

Here’s how it broke down:

Monday: 2 miles easy recovery. I loved this run and even made sure to wash my workout gear so that I could run one more time in the humidity-free California weather. I felt strong and easily maintained a just sub 10 minute pace.

Tuesday: Travel prevented me from attending my normal pump class. While I was super bummed I still tried to fit in a few ab exercises. (I can’t wait for pump class tomorrow!)

Wednesday: 6 miles with 4 tempo. I haven’t had a successful tempo run yet. Granted, I didn’t do any tempo runs in my first half marathon training session and only a few in the others.It’s either something about the treadmill or the speed or even something I can’t think of. I ended up with 5 total miles. (I don’t remember how many of those were at tempo.)

Thursday: 5:30am pump class. It’s taken a few times but this class (including the instructor) is growing on me. With 3 back and forth sets of walking lunges I may have pushed it too far. (I think I felt it on the long run Saturday.)

Friday: bike at gym. Instead of doing exactly what I said last time I actually did a workout I got from Jenny and loved it! It’s the first time outside a spin class that I’ve done a structured workout on the bike. It definitely makes a difference. (This also may have contributed to the dead feeling of my legs on the long run.

Saturday: 16 miles long. I recapped it here.

Sunday: rest. After a PDR I treated my legs to a complete rest day. While I didn’t veg on the couch I didn’t do much more than a little walking. Definitely worth it.


What’s up for next week?

Week 6 is a step-back week. (Though with a 7k trail run on Saturday I don’t know how much my mileage will decrease.)

Monday: 6 miles easy
Tuesday: pump at 9:30am (yay! so excited!)
Wednesday: 6 miles easy
Thursday: pump at 5:30am
Friday: 6 miles easy
Saturday: Paris Mountain 7k
Sunday: rest (maybe some light swimming or cycling)


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