Eating well at the beach

Before I start I want to mention something pretty significant to me.

Greenville County Schools started school today. If I hadn’t decided last year (more on that very soon!) to pursue my MA in history. I wouldn’t be at the beach; my summer vacation would be over. I would have prepared my classroom last week and today would teach over 125 “new” students. The decision is very real now.

Back to the topic at hand.

When my family gets together for vacation we like to snack.

We also like dessert.

On Thursday I professed gratitude for the way my family ate. I didn’t lie. I think that for us like many others, vacation means relaxing a little on every front, including eating.

We do have many healthy snacks though. Plus, we enjoy being active at the beach, in the pool and around the house.

My problem in this situation is my own doing. When I travel I want to bring back less. Since I have very few clothes, that savings comes in the food department.

On these vacations I’ll eat larger portions, more snacks and sometimes several desserts a day.

In addition, I hate throwing food away. At the end of the week leftovers abound. I’ll eat the random Klondike bar so it doesn’t get thrown away. No one wants the pudding? I’ll take it. You get the picture. Sugar is the main ingredient of breakfast that day usually.

This year, after each vacation, I’ve noticed an increase in weight. That’s always happened after family beach trips. I want to change that. So, I’m working on retraining my break and I came prepared.

I brought some of my own filling and healthy snacks and grabbed a few on the first grocery trip of the week.

I’m also committing to my workouts. I even wore my garmin on my bike ride this morning.

run stats

bike stats

I hope to maintain a level of balance throughout the rest of the week and get rid of the food guilt. Here’s to a successful vacation!


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  1. Ahh, I love being a responsible eater and not letting unwanted Klondike bars go unloved…:D

    BY the way, those healthy snacks look just as appetizing as the less belly friendly ones.

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