Spinx Marathon Training Week 7

This week had the potential of disaster. Okay, that’s a little dramatic. A week of vacation can throw a wrench into any training plan. Last year it certainly did.

I had just started my unofficial training for my first half marathon, the Spinx. I tried to run a couple times while at the beach last year but didn’t get very far.

I determined ahead of time that I would adjust my plan so that I could complete it at the beach and that I would complete every workout on my plan.

How the week played out:
Monday: 2 miles easy. I ran this with Michael and discovered just how awesome running with someone is. We started out at my pace but ended up at his pace for the second mile. Loved every minute.

Tuesday: 4ish miles on the bike. (total of 4.7) I loved the bike ride but felt really limited with the bike paths. (yet another reason I love Hilton Head Island)

Wednesday: 6 miles. My plan called 6 miles with 4 at tempo. Since I didn’t know what the running/bike path situation would be like and because I have a hard time regulating my pace off the treadmill I took out the tempo. Instead I set a new goal of pushing the pace just a little outside my comfort zone. I ended up with a 9:33 average pace and nearly negative splits for the entire thing!

Thursday: 12ish miles (ended up with 10) I rode down the street both ways and turned on every side street just to get 10 miles in. I loved this ride even more than Tuesday. If I could swim I might even consider a triathlon…lol

Friday: bike several miles. Since the route was really boring and it was the last day at the beach I decided to skip the solo workout and go out to the beach with the family. I wish I knew how many calories I burned boogie boarding because all 5 of us were wiped that afternoon.

Saturday: rest due to travel

Sunday: 17 12 miles explained here

I loved last week’s training and can’t wait for the week ahead. I’m really close to the halfway point in training!

Here’s what lies ahead in week 8 in my newly edited schedule:
Mon: 4 miles easy
Tue: 9:30am pump (this might be my last :()
Wed: Intervals 3×1600 with 800 jogs
Thu: pump (I haven’t decided whether I’m going to do 5:30am or 5:45pm)
Fri: bike @ gym (repeat of workout 2 weeks ago)
Sat: 14 miles long
Sun: rest or yoga


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