Two Tangent Tuesday

I like the sound of “Triple Tangent Tuesday” better but all I have are 2 things. I have plenty of pictures though. I apologize in advance for the not-so-great quality of them. (I know I’ll look back when I have a fancier camera and cringe.)

1. I am a history nerd.

As if it weren’t obvious with my career change, I really do love history. Case in point, this package.

When the doorbell rang I realized it could be the mailman. I’m pretty sure I scared him with my enthusiasm. What was inside?

History books! I paid a whopping $16 bucks for all these. (plus one more which will come later…I had to choose a new one) If being this excited about history is wrong…

2. I have an addiction to coffee mugs.

Well, what would you expect with this self-professed coffee-lover.

Take a look at the collection.

(My newest obsession…there are 4 more in the dishwasher.)

That’s after going through and getting rid of a few. Mom has banned me from buying new mugs several times. I don’t think it’s working.


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