Triple Tuesday Tangents: Running Edition

I started thinking about today’s post back on Saturday after my successful 16 miler.

In honor of that I decided to write a running themed tangent post.

1. “On your left” 3 simple words. Why do cyclists have such a hard time saying this? Since I started running on the local trail I’ve had plenty of mini heart attacks from cyclists speeding by within a foot of me. Is it that hard to say 3 words?

2. Exact finish This is the OCD in me coming out. No matter where I run I always stop my Garmin exactly on the mile mark. Although, I usually try to go a little bit longer so I can stop a little early and walk a bit. This gets a little difficult to keep even after races though. 😀

3. Odd noises I can’t help it. Whenever my muscles are sore and I have to do something like walk up stairs or sit down the strangest noises come out of my mouth. At least it’s not “Ahi!” like one of the female players at the US Open screamed every time she hit.



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2 responses to “Triple Tuesday Tangents: Running Edition

  1. You mean it is not a rule that female tennis players have to make loud grunting noises every time they hit the ball?

  2. Grunting’s fine. This girl sounded like she wanted tuna. 🙂

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