Moonshiner’s 5k: A recap

I checked off September’s race, a race I really love.

This time Mom came with me. We arrived 20 minutes early, not 45 but had to wait because the race start was delayed 15 minutes. (It’s supposed to be a night trail race; running in the daylight would defeat the purpose.)

Mom attempted to get a picture of me before the race.

One more time.

(She didn’t cut off the top of my head. I did that uploading it to flickr.)

That headlamp didn’t stay on my head long.

We started the race at 7:45. The congestion lasted until it was time to enter the trail; we all had to walk so slow I almost stood still.

I forgot about a PR or course PR out of my mind, especially since I got stuck behind several slower-paced runners.

Finally, I passed a few on the tight trail. I loved running faster. On the road I made even more passes.

I’d taken the headlamp off by then. An attempt to change the batteries loosened the hinge so the light kept falling forward. I held it in my hand.

Sunset came halfway through the race, right in time for the second trail portion.

I felt so strong on the trail and so comfortable. This is the 4th race I’ve run on Paris Mountain.

I wanted to pour on the speed at the end but I started to feel slightly nauseated so I backed off intermittently.

As I came up the final hill though I thought I saw 24:xx on the clock. I couldn’t believe it. I might get a PR? I jumped into high gear so fast that Mom just missed taking a picture of me. Oops.

I had to settle for a sweaty picture nearly washed out by flash.

The verdict? No PR. 24 was actually 29.

This was my slowest 5k except my first. I’m okay with that though.

I can’t compare this 5k with anything except last year’s. Turns out I was only 40 seconds slower. That’s not bad considering the bottleneck.

I’m not training for speed right now; I’m training for distance. After the marathon I’m going to train for speed. Just once I’d like to get a 5k PR. 😀



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3 responses to “Moonshiner’s 5k: A recap

  1. Weren’t my attempts at photos for this race last year unsuccessful?

  2. I don’t really remember.

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