Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure + a little more

I’m calling my long run today, a “learning experience”.

I probably won’t be running a 5k plus additional miles again.

I started off the run as early as I thought I could. If I’d had a watch I could have gotten another half mile in but I did manage 2.4.

After I met up with my dad he had to take a customary pre-race picture.

I look a little over-prepared for a 5k. 😀

We split up at before the race so I line up closer and not have to weave around as many people.

Oh well.

Though I wasn’t running fast I still spent the first .5 mile weaving around groups of walkers who decided to take up the entire road.

I’d almost settled into an easy rhythm when my right foot went a little lower than it should. In a split second I realized I was falling and the thoughts “Are you kidding me?” and “I hope this silly race won’t keep me from the marathon” went through my head before I slammed into the pavement. I was up and running before another second had gone by but my hands stung and I figured I might have scrapped my knees under my capris.

Why did I fall? A manmade hole a little smaller than the size of my foot smack dab in the middle of the road.
This is my major complaint about this race. They didn’t put any sort of warning around this hole or the identical hole .005 mile later. With a severely congested road there’s no way I could have seen them. (Unless a helpful runner starts yelling “hole!” as we go by. This happened after I fell.)

It took a half mile to fall back into a rhythm and shake off the rattled feeling. I was able to hold that rhythm until the end.

Right before the finish I turned around and ran to catch up with Dad. I figured I’d finish with him and get some more distance in. A little under a mile later I found him and another friend of ours.

While I don’t normally do this I kept the garmin running as I walked with him to finish the race. I enjoyed this time but I think it confused my legs. 😀

When we got within 20-30 yards of the finish I made Dad run with me. I couldn’t finish that race walking. He did. Good job, Dad!

I looked under my capris then.

It looks worse in person, plus the bruises are starting to develop.

We walked around for a bit at the end but then I bid them goodbye and set out to complete the run.

My legs wanted nothing to do with it. I also had to deal with plenty of negative thoughts. I kept pushing though and tried to tell myself positive things.

After a couple miles I knew the full 3.75 miles out I needed to round out my 16 miles was not going to happen. I would rather get quality miles than junk miles. I turned around at 3 and headed back.

This half was much more positive simple because I was heading back to my car. I finished with 14.70 miles total and an average pace of 11 minutes. (Having walked nearly an entire mile with Dad I’m pretty excited about that pace.)

Why did I have so much trouble? I’m not sure exactly but I can think of three factors. One, I’ve been sore all week. (no fresh legs) Two, I gave my legs a serious jarring with the fall during the 5k. Three, the humidity levels were around 90%

That in mind I knew I had to try my first ice bath ever. So I stopped, bought ice (and a GNC smoothie), suited up with swim suit bottoms, t-shirt and hoodie and got in. Verdict? I’ll be doing this again.

Things may not have gone how I would have liked but I learned a lot. On to 20 miles next week! (eek!)



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5 responses to “Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure + a little more

  1. Thanks for running the race with me and sorry about the knee, see this is why I don’t run, I don’t fall when I walk….oh, unless you count that time in Dallas or at the Starbucks on Pelham…ok, I don’t run cause I am lazy…:D

  2. Katie

    Hey! I’m glad to know of another Greenville blogger out there! Hope training for Spinx is going well; I’m running the half. Would you be interested in doing the HOPE relay in November with me?! I’m trying to put together a team!

  3. I am interested but there’s a 5k that same day at my University (I’m a grad student) and I already signed up 😦
    Sounds like an awesome thing though. (I’m kind of thinking about it though. I’ll let you know for sure as soon as I decide.)

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