20 miles aka the best long run yet

I say “yet” because I’m leaving the door open for even better runs. I don’t know how that would be possible though. 😉

I can think of several reasons why this run went so well.

1. No sore muscles. Due to some lackluster pump classes (will recap in the weekly rundown) my muscles were very fresh.

2. South Carolina’s bipolar weather. I’m not kidding when I say it’s bipolar. Last week the temperature was somewhere in the 80s and the humidity around 90%. Today the temperature when I finished was 59 degrees with humidity around 60%. I’m definitely a cool weather runner. (Side note: it was so cold when I started that my fingers almost went numb. They’re okay now. :D)

3. Not watching the clock. I looked at my garmin maybe 5 times during the first 10 miles. Instead I settled into a comfortable pace and enjoyed the new scenery. (I ran to the end of the trail in the opposite direction of what I usually run.)

A few more highlights from the run:

As I neared the north end of the trail I saw a woman walking in my direction. I thought her walked seemed familiar and I was right. It was my cooperating teacher from practicum. She didn’t recognize me at first but was really excited when I told her who I was. (This was the first time we’d seen each other since my last day of student teaching back in 2009.)

I experienced the highest sense of elation I have ever felt during a run around mile 10. I’m not kidding. Everything felt right with the world. I fell in love with running all over again and I rode that high for the rest of the run. Every time a negative thought would start to creep into my mind I told myself to remember the giddiness of mile 10.

I need more music for my playlist. I have enough for 19 miles. Hmm. Also, “Rockin’ Robin” makes a wonderful peppy running song. 😀 It came on in the last quarter of my run and I couldn’t help but pick up the pace.

Stats for the run:
20 miles
3 hours 45 minutes 20 seconds
11:16 pace
Fastest mile pace: 10:26 (it was mile 20!)

Only 3 more long runs before the marathon and one of those isn’t even double digits!



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3 responses to “20 miles aka the best long run yet

  1. WOW, all I can say is wow. Keep it up, kiddo!

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