Spinx Marathon Training Week 14


I expected to be a nervous wreck right about now with the marathon so close. Well, if not a nervous wreck at least a whole lot more concerned about it than I am. Maybe that’s a problem. Maybe it’s not.

Right now I feel like I’m ready and able to conquer this distance. I’ll talk more about my goals for the marathon in an upcoming post but I think they have a lot to do with my current mindset.

How did training go last week?
Monday: 6 miles easy. This was a really strong run that went by extremely quickly. I loved every second of it but part of that was due to an extremely captivating Dr. Who episode. I wonder if I could get them to sponsor me?

Tuesday: pump class. I felt frazzled going in due to an impossibly difficult to clean rice cooker and then not being able to find most of the equipment I needed for class. I ended up borrowing the instructor’s bar. Once I got into the class I felt amazing and my mood totally lifted.

Wednesday: 7 miles with 5 at tempo. I was wary approaching this one since I have had a tota lack of success with tempo runs. I was pleasantly surprised. The first time I looked at my mileage I expected to see 1 maybe 2 miles at tempo but I saw 3 and I wasn’t even tired! Of course, I know that’s almost entirely because of the Dr. Who season 4 finale. The show’s amazing. Trust me.

Thursday: pump class (optional) My glutes/legs were still a little sore from Tuesday so I made the decision to not push them again because I wanted to make it through 20 miles take 2 on Saturday.

Friday: bike at gym. Again, this ride was nice and easy though I did throw a few sprints in to make it to 10 miles.

Saturday: Multiple lessons learned

Sunday: yoga. I’d planned on going but went back and forth all morning. I ended up not going because my head wasn’t in it. I like yoga but I’m not in love with it. If I don’t feel super motivated to go then I won’t.

What’s on the agenda for this week?
Monday: 2 miles easy
Tuesday: pump class
Wednesday: 6 x 800m intervals with 400m jogs
Thursday: pump (optional) or a Nike Training App workout
Friday: bike at gym
Saturday: 12 miles (it’s taper time!)
Sunday: Run for Hungry Children 5k. I just signed up yesterday. I’ve had the flyer sitting on the kitchen counter for weeks trying to make my mind up about it but then I decided yesterday that I want to do it. Now I have to come up with a plan for how I’m going to run it. Hmm…


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