Tuesday Tangents

Now comes the time of the week where I share just a few of the random things on my mind. 😀 It’s my way of breaking up all the running talk. (Okay, I admit, some of these posts have had to do with running too.)

I have just two things today.

1. Nike Training Club App

I’m not sure why I didn’t start using this sooner. I downloaded it on my iPad and looked at it but never used it. When I got my iPhone back in July I downloaded it there too but didn’t do anything with it. I guess I thought I couldn’t get a good workout from an app.

Last week my sister mentioned something about her workout which had been on the Nike Training Club App. I made a mental note to check it out which I did yesterday with a short 15 minute workout. I liked it but kind of breezed through it since I was just “adding it on” after my run.

Today was a different story. I went to the gym for pump but told myself that I would do one of the longer workouts on the app if my least favorite instructor was teaching. She was.

I got onto a stationary bike and pedaled for a mile while I looked for a good workout. After I found a half hour one that looked promising and checked out all the workouts I headed over to the weight section to get started.

This was me at the end.

You can’t see it very well but I was a sweaty mess.

That workout kicked my butt and I loved it! It’s been a while since I’ve had a non-running workout that made me drip with sweat.

I love this app, especially since it gives step by step instructions and videos too! (Oh, and the fact that I can earn badges by doing workouts isn’t bad either. 😉 Remember my obsession with foursquare?)

2. School
This one will be short; I promise.

I blame school for the near-lack of running content here. My life is all about two things right now: the marathon and school.

At least my test for History of the Middle East is done. Now I just have to come up with an outline for my literary analysis paper on Shakespeare’s Richard II, prepare a whole bunch of treaties for the beginning of the simulation in Middle East, plug away at the 1200 total pages for that same class and start to study for my next test in Shakespeare.

Who knew that 2 classes would be this much work?


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