Fabulous Friday Favorites

I thought the title needed a little pizzaz. 😀

Here are the things that I’m loving today:

1. livingsocial
I’ve gotten some fantastic deals through livingsocial and I got to put one of them into use today, the whole foods one.

To say this deal was popular when it went out would be a severe understatement. A lot of bloggers I read used their deals almost right away.

Me? I forgot. Oops. I remembered last week and even managed to print out coupons so I could use them today. I still managed to spend more than the $20, of course. (One of the culprits is #3.)

2. A near ace on my History of the Middle East Test

A few people looked my way when I read the email with my grade at lunchtime. I don’t care. That’s the best grade I’ve ever gotten on one of that professor’s test.

The only point I missed? I forgot to add the date of the Hegira (Muhammad’s “flight” to Medina).

3. the biggest honeycrisp apple I’ve ever seen

That apple weighted .8 lbs. Yes, nearly a pound! It also cost nearly $2. Oops.
I hope it tastes as delicious as it looks!


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