Taper Twelve

It’s taper time!

I have to say that right now I love it because my weekly distance is still higher than my average before marathon training. Plus, I felt like I could go faster since it was “only” twelve miles. (Who am I?)

[Side note: I just looked back to see what my run was like last year this week. 9 miles. Wow. Plus, it was my longest run ever. I just ran 12 miles and thought of it as “only” 12 miles.]

This run was awesome. I loved it almost as much as my first 20 miler and there are a couple reasons. (I like lists. :D)

1. It’s fall. Fall is my favorite season for many reasons one of them being relief from the sauna that is the south in the summer. The reason that struck me today were the tree leaves. Fall is just so beautiful! I wish I ran with my phone in a more accessible location so I could have taken pictures. The beauty all around me made me smile.

2. I felt like I was running faster than I have for a while. It turns out I wasn’t but I did run a minute faster per mile than the last 2 weeks. I love running fast and feeling strong. As much as I’m excited about the marathon, (understatement of course) I can’t wait until it’s done so I can get back to speed training. I’ll talk about my training plans for the winter sometime after the marathon.

There you have it.

2 weeks from today I will still be running but almost done with my first ever marathon. Wow.



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