Spinx Marathon Training Week 15

Only 2 weeks left!

Technically this week was part of the 3 week taper but it didn’t feel like too much of a taper and I haven’t felt an taper crazies yet. I’m sure that will start this week as the mileage goes down even further.

On second thought, I’ve already started researching half-marathon plans to start after the marathon. I’m itching to train for speed. (Does that count as a sign of taper madness?)

How did the week’s training go?
Monday: 2 miles easy. I haven’t run this distance since early in the plan and it felt so weird to have all the extra time in the morning. The run went well and I squeezed in a little ab work.
Tuesday: pump class. When I discovered that my least favorite teacher was teaching I discovered Nike Training Club App and professed my love for it here.
Wednesday: 6 X 800m with 400m jogs. I love intervals and plan to do more in the next training cycle. These were no exception. I loved getting more miles in than Monday.
Thursday: optional pump class. I kind of decided a head of time that I wouldn’t be doing it but I figure out something I wanted to do instead so I ended up doing nothing. Trust me, I’ll be working on that for the next training cycle.
Friday: bike at gym. I could quote myself for the past few weeks about this day. Nothing usual about the ride, just nice and strong.
Saturday: 12 miles long. This just started my desire for speed.
Sunday: Run for Hungry Children 5k I indulged my need for speed here. It may not have been PR speed but I averaged 8:30 minute miles! (That’s super speedy for me in recent months.)

What’s coming up on the plan?
More of the same with a few differences. (I’m writing this at school away from my paper plan.) You’ll have to tune in next week to figure out what those differences are.

Spinx Marathon, here I come!


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