Friday Favorites–sponsored by (I wish) Apple

It’s well known that I love Apple and all it’s products. (at least the products that I own)

I could tell the sordid history of my “lovely” experiences with Dell and what led me to get my first Macbook. (Yes, I’m on my second now.)
There’s no need. I think I summed up my opinions on that subject quite well with those sentences alone.

Once I purchased my mac though I never looked back. A little while after that I purchased my first iPod. (There have been many of those but that’s another story.)
iPod classic


It’s also not a surprise that I love music so the ability to have hundreds (now thousands!) of songs and entire audiobooks at my disposal thrilled me. Of course, with the exception of the audiobooks and podcasts certain groups of songs get continual play to the exclusion of 90% of the rest. (That’s another quick about me. I have many.)

I became so much of a Mac snob (okay I’ll say it) that I would never even consider using a PC until I started teaching in the fall of ’09. It was quite a culture shock to have to get used to PCs (and old ones at that) again so I could create the documents I needed. 😉

Then, God blessed me with the disposable income to buy an iPad.
I still can’t believe that I’ve owned it for more than a year.

Then in July I got my hands on the one piece of Apple technology that I didn’t have but really, really wanted.
Thank you Verizon for getting rid of your unlimited data plan but giving people like me an opportunity to spend several hundred dollars just to get the phone and the data plan.
If you’ve been around me since July you know i love my iPhone. I think I love it even more now. (Side note: my dad just got an iPhone so every single member of my immediate family has one. Nice.)

Over the weekend I downloaded the new iOS 5 operating system for my iPhone and iPad and geeked out over all the new cool things. Then I realized I needed the Lion operating system to use iCloud with my computer so I got that. Then I realized that to use the super cool Photo Stream I needed to upgrade iPhoto. So I did. (Side note #2: I’m the only member of my family with this feature. I kind of love it. Seriously, what’s not cool about being able to take a picture on my phone and have it be on my computer when I get home?)

Since this post is already quite wordy I’ll save further tech *coughgeekcough* moments for later. I need to go play with my iPhone.


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