Old Stomping Grounds

I have a huge praise today. Just after 10:30 this morning I got a call that turned out to be the substitute system from the school district offering me a job.

I had to decide right then whether my whole day would take a different turn. I had only the slightest hesitation but of course I went. I need the money.

10 minutes later I was on my way back to my old school for the first time since June 2. I had no idea what subject or grade I would be teaching but hoped for sixth grade since none of them knew me; it would be like a fresh start. I prayed for God’s help though no matter what the grade.

I don’t do well with last minute changes like this but God planned this so I knew he would strengthen me.

I’m glad I went. I’m now on the preferred list for that school so I might actually get other sub jobs too. Plus, I got to wear the $100 Banana Republic dress I got for only $70 plus some pretty sweet heels that don’t show up in the picture.

(Pardon the blurriness. I thought the picture was decent but I’m not that great at self portraits.)

It was odd going back in, walking past my old classroom and seeing someone else in there (with a podium…huh?), seeing all these people I used to work with, belonging yet not.

I ended up subbing for one of the sixth grade science teachers. (Poor lady. She’s pregnant but has an incredibly painful pinched nerve in her back.) I knew none of the students but that was okay.

The strange thing was, I really wanted to be back in that world again. I have a weird relationship with teaching apparently. I can remember all the not so nice stuff but at the same time I really do love working with kids.

At the end of the day I left with a slightly sore throat (always an adjustment period) but happy that I’d made the decision. We’ll see if God blesses me with more jobs and what that might mean for my schedule among other things.


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  1. Praise the Lord and I’m glad you got the opportunity, I think you are a teacher at heart, we just need to find the right students now…:D

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