Thankful Thursday–Marathon Edition

I’m definitely getting more excited about the marathon which reassures me that I haven’t gone insane. (aka thinking Saturday is no big deal)

I have a lot to be thankful for relating to this marathon. (1 day, 16 hours and 42 minutes left! Yes, I have an online countdown)

Today I’m thankful for an injury free training cycle.

I forgot to cross off today’s 2 miles but you can see that all that’s left is a day of rest before the marathon.
I made adjustments to the plan as I went and increased my mileage significantly. I learned so much about myself as a runner. I’ll get into more about that in the reflection post I have planned for Sunday or Monday.

Today I’m thankful for the giveaway I won from skinnyrunner back in April. I wanted it for the Gu sampler pack because I knew I could use it for marathon training. I loved having those gels and chomps to sample on the long runs to figure out what worked and which flavors didn’t make me want to gag. I got to try the chomps before the San Francisco Marathon where I got to buy a whole bunch.

Today I’m thankful for all my running gear. I’ve been so blessed over the past year to acquire so many wonderful tools like my camelbak which provides both hydration and storage, my garmin which provides data for my data-loving brain and my running shoes which keep me from getting blisters and other injuries.

Finally, today I’m thankful for the ability that God has given me to run and the passion He has instilled within me. I feel so incredibly blessed.



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6 responses to “Thankful Thursday–Marathon Edition

  1. Katie

    Wow! Jealous of the skinnyrunner giveaway! Also, do you carry a camelback with you during half-marathons? Basically, do you think I should? And what do you think about this weather for the race clothes wise… You are officially my Greenville go to. Happy Thursday!!

    • That giveaway was sweet! The Gu samples were just 1 out of the 10 or so items.
      I just got my camelbak for my birthday this summer aka before all but 1 of my half marathons and I didn’t take it with me to San Francisco to save space. I did wear it on my 12 mile run a couple weeks ago and it was nice to have with me…I just didn’t fill it up all the way. The water stations at Spinx are pretty good though and it’s not summer so I think you’d be okay with or without it.
      This morning the hourly forecast finally brought Saturday morning in! It’s supposed to be in the 40s for most of the morning which is about 10 degrees cooler than last year. I wore the race t (longsleeve) last year and got a little warm (but not too bad) and I’m planning to wear the longsleeve again this year. I might bring slome gloves to start out with but I haven’t decided yet.
      Happy Thursday to you too!

  2. Katie

    Just looked at your race PR’s and I can’t believe we were at the same races in Paris Mt. and never met!

  3. Saturday is all most here… 🙂 So what finishing time are you shooting for? I will be a pacer for the 3:40:00 group…. Looks like we may start running with perfect weather conditions… overcast clouds and mid 30s…… We may need a throw away long sleeve shirt at the start 🙂 Seeya Saturday 🙂

    • Good luck with the pacing! I’m not that fast yet. 😀 I’m not actually sure what time I’ll end up running. First goal is to finish. 2nd is sub 5. 3rd is sub 4:30. 😀

      See ya Saturday!

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