‘Twas the Night Before the Marathon…

…and all through the house…

No, I won’t keep going. That would take much more skill than I possess. Plus, it would be a bit boring anyway.

It is the day before the marathon though and it feels a lot like Christmas for me. Let me back up to noon today and packet pick up.

I’d started to get a little excited before packet pick up but things really intensified when I walked through the expo (a little better than last year), picked up my bib number,
(can you tell I registered early?)
and my sweet race t.
(Yes, I’m a little excited.)

Once I got back to my car the marathon crazies really set in. I won’t disclose too much but I may or may not have shouted “I’m running a marathon tomorrow!” to myself, squealed in delight and sung the songs that came on when my tape adapter ejected itself multiple times.

I calmed down enough for my second class but that lasted just until I reached my car.

The whole time I did the grocery shopping I couldn’t keep the silly grin off my face even when nearly everyone I encountered either in the store or in the car decided they would also join in the craziness. Seriously, I don’t know what was wrong with all those people. (I have an excuse.)

I may or may not have skipped through a couple aisles in Costco.

It was there I finally figured out how to describe my excitement. It feels like I just got out of school before Christmas break. There’s so much anticipation for the race. It’s a privilege to run this race and so much anticipation. Of course, the bitter chill in the air helps it feel more like Christmas too. (On that note, I decided that one month is too short for Christmas celebrations. I’m going to start on November 1st.)

Going into tomorrow I have to have a plan. Granted, I haven’t been as neurotic about this plan as I have the capability to but I need a plan and some goals.

First, the goals:

A: Finish the race. This is my number one goal. It’s my first marathon. I want to finish and I want to finish strong. I’ll worry about time next marathon.

B: Finish under 5 hours. I am competitive though. As much as I’ve tried to ignore my Garmin this training cycle (unsuccessful of course) this is the time I think I can make if I keep up the same pace as my 20 milers.

C: Finish under or around 4:30 This is my reach goal. I won’t deny that I eventually want to qualify for Boston. 4:30 would put that goal a little more within reach than 5:00. 😀

The plan for tomorrow:

I’m going to try to find some cheap gloves that I can wear and maybe an old sweatshirt so that I won’t freeze before the start. I may or may not wear the sweatshirt/jacket until mile 7 and hand it off to my dad who’s working that water station. (He’s awesome!)

I’m not going to look at my garmin unless I’m close to the mile markers where I plan to take some Gu. That being said, I’m going to try to start off much slower than I like at the start of the race. I hope to not get caught up with the other racers and/or be propelled by the cold.

I plan to take 1 Gu gel or 4 Gu chomps every 5 miles. My arm band holds 2 gels and 1 pack of chomps which leaves me one short. The race offers Gu gels at miles 13, 15, 17. (Whose bright idea was that?) I’ll grab one more for certain there to put in the front pocket on my pants. (I may or may not grab one at the other stations to stash. They’re “free” after all.)

I’ll wear my camelbak for hydration but still walk through all the water stations (or perhaps every other). I’ll also walk while I eat my gels or chomps. Other than that I have no plans to walk. If I need to pull out a run/walk method for the last 6 miles I will but right now I’m not planning on it.

The plan for the rest of the day? Eat a giant (amazing!) calzonne, indulge in this wonderful treat that arrived today and then lay around for the rest of the day. No school work allowed!



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5 responses to “‘Twas the Night Before the Marathon…

  1. I approve of these goals and plans. I know you will do fine. Most of all, enjoy this first, your first marathon. You have definitely earned it.

    See you at mile 7

  2. Its a great feeling being excited about running isnt it? :> People that dont run really thing we completely NUTZZZZ when we get soo crazee excited about doing something they would rather die than do… 😉 Sounds like you have a great race plan…. Best of luck to you… enjoy it as much as you can while running it… Years from now you may be running marathon #10 or so but there’s something you will experience in #1 that will always make it very unique, and one of..if not the, most memorable race of them all. 🙂 P.S. I will of course deny his information if it ever leaves this blog…..;) LOL haha (jk of course) .but don’t be too surprise if after you cross the finish line…you start crying like a baby…. Happy tears of course… I sure did 🙂 Sleep well {if you can} seeya at starting line….

  3. fitnesscheerleader

    Good luck tomorrow! You’ve got a great plan and you’ll do awesome!

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