Reflections on a first marathon

Saturday I ran my only first marathon, ever. I don’t know how many marathons I will end up running in my life but this was the race that will forever be my first.

Obviously I learned a few things from the experience.

I’ve been thinking about this post since I decided to run the marathon. One would think that with so much time to prepare I might have the most well crafted post for you. I don’t.

Instead, I’ve actually come up with another separate post to come in a couple days, a course review and my mind keeps going to that. I did learn a few things and I’ll present them next. (I have no logical order for it though. :D)

1. I need to get several months of 20-30+ miles under my belt before my next marathon. This training cycle, after a few modifications, helped me safely increase my mileage just enough to complete the marathon. Now that I’ve done that I don’t want to just complete the next marathon. Increasing my average milage should help me do that.

2. I’m awful at pacing myself. I learned so much by running “with” James and Rachel during this race. Normally my mind is so…well…everywhere. I’m my own worst enemy during runs. For most of the marathon I got to focus on keeping right behind James or Rachel. (Of course, I did space a couple times and had to make sure I didn’t run over Rachel accidentally.) I don’t know what this means for the future but I think I will make a more concerted effort in the future to find running groups or a running buddy.

3. I will run many more marathons. I knew this before the marathon and nothing happened during the marathon to change my mind. In fact, my struggle at the end made me even more determined to prepare even better for the next marathon. I just don’t know when my next marathon is going to be. (I have too many other running goals! That’s a topic for another post.)

4. A good playlist is essential. I knew I would need extra motivation at the end so I selected several of the “peppiest” songs on my playlist and repeated them at the end. That way I wouldn’t have to mess with my ipod to try to find them again.

5. I still don’t like cowbells. Thankfully there weren’t many along the course. Although, there was that one random person who rolled down their window and drove slowly past us shouting and ringing the cowbell. That was annoying…and weird.

6. I don’t think I’ll ever run a summer marathon unless it’s somewhere like San Francisco. Even though the weather was pretty chilly at the start I thought the weather was perfect. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to put out all that effort in weather like a South Carolina summer.

7. Family support is great. I loved seeing my dad along the course and seeing my mom at the same spot where she stood last year right before the finish of my first half-marathon. Thank you so much!

As I mentioned before, I still have one more post about the marathon but this one’s about the course itself. This week is a recovery week and then I’m diving back into training, only this time it’s for a half marathon. I’ll talk about that next Monday.


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