Thankful Thursday

I almost postponed yesterdays post until today but I buckled down and got it written yesterday. The pros and cons list seemed a little too much like complaining. Thursdays are thankful.

Today I’m thankful for sub jobs.
Although I didn’t get a call today (and I’m thankful for that for other reasons) I got my first call from the school system I used to work for last Tuesday. It was a mid-morning call at my old school. (I talked about it last week.) Since that day I got another call from my student teaching school, talk about flashback time. Not only did I get that job but my cooperating teacher asked for me to sub for her the day before Thanksgiving break. (Side note: I think she goes on vacation before the breaks because she doesn’t want to have to deal with the kids. Back in 2008 I subbed for her the Friday before Christmas vacation.) It’s not a ton of money but it’s almost enough to meet my bills plus give me some money for race registations.

Today I’m thankful for Bones.
The TV show of course. 😀

I love this show and was bummed back in September to put the channel on Fox expecting Bones but found the X factor. Talk about a letdown. The wait is over though. The season premiere is tonight!

Today I’m thankful for quick recovery.
If I had to go by the way my body feels I would never believe that I ran a marathon 5 days ago. I couldn’t wait to run again this morning and I loved it. My legs were a little sluggish to start but I felt strong at the end. That just confirmed my insanity. I registered for a 15k today, a 15k that takes place on Saturday. Did I mention that it’s also a trail run on a mountain? Yes. I’m insane.
The 15k is the third and last in the series. Originally I wrote off the race due to timing and resigned myself to running the other two races again next year as well as this one in order to complete the series. There are so many races I want to run that I just decided to go ahead and run the race. I feel great and it was only $16. 😀

Finally, today I’m thankful for a mom who doesn’t mind going down to the beach a day early.
When I found a 5k taking place on Hilton Head Island the Saturday we’re supposed to arrive I really wanted to do it. The only problem was that the race took place at 9am when we would normally leave here to get down there. Mom even suggested getting up at 4:30 and driving down that morning. (I love her for that but getting up that early for a 5k? Not worth it.) Then I realized I could use some of my reward points to book a hotel room for Friday night so that’s what I did. Who turns down an extra day at the beach?


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  1. I’m thankful for Bones…on Netflix! I never watched the series before but now I’m addicted. I’m watching from the pilot forward and it’s so awesome.

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