The Start of a New Training Cycle–Resolution Run Half Marathon

Confession time: I created this plan before I ran the marathon. I blame the taper crazies.

Confession time over.

The marathon training cycle showed me that I love higher mileage. I knew that I didn’t want to decrease my mileage so I took that into account when designing the plan for the half marathon coming up on January 7.

Marathon training also taught me that I want to train for speed now so that’s something else I took into account when creating the plan.

So, without further ado, here’s the plan.

Monday speed work
Tuesday strength training
Wednesday medium length easy run
Thursday medium length easy run + light strength training
Friday stationary bike
Saturday long run
Sunday yoga or rest

The biggest difference between this plan and every plan I’ve used before is the number of running days. I hesitated for too long to add an additional day of running. I’m not sure why. I look forward to it now.

The plan, as always, is flexible as evidenced by zero week which I completed yesterday.

I listened to my body and added the Paris Mountain 15k. (To great success I believe.)

In addition to that I changed the speed work originally scheduled for today to an easy run since my legs felt a little heavy after the race.

Finally, I’m not going to post any specific goals today. It’s too early for that. Instead, I will state that my goal is to PR which would mean coming in below 1:58:59. I would love to get further under that but the course is hilly. (I ran a portion of it during the marathon.)

I’m excited about this training cycle and can’t wait to see how this will propel me into the new year, my second complete year as a runner.


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