Friday Favorites

One of these days I’ll figure out how to sustain the traffic that I get occasionally.

Anyway, there are a few things that are favorites today.

I did it! I registered for my second marathon thanks to the awesome $20 off deal still on going until 11pm (pst). I tried to take a screen shot of my confirmation page but I can’t find the image! šŸ˜€ Originally I’d said that I was going to do the Atlanta marathon next year but the opportunity to run a big race and a RocknRoll race at that for just a few more dollars than I paid for Spinx? There’s no way I’m going to turn that down. I’m actually planning a separate post with more ruminations about the marathon so stay tuned!

2. the date
I love numbers and I love number patterns so I’ve been looking forward to today for quite a while. Because I had to stand in line to get tickets for a play at my school (a futile effort it turned out) I completely missed 11:11am today. I’m definitely going to stay up an extra 11 minutes tonight to catch it this time around. Truth be told, I’m a little more into a similar date next year, 12/12/12. (It’s my favorite number.) The date also meant that I could own the next item on my list.


I own it! I am so excited to watch this again! I am a nerd and only slightly ashamed to admit it.

Finally, 4.

(Sorry about the glare…I should have taken taken a little more time with the picture but I didn’t feel like it. :D)
When I opened the Costco coupon book and found coupons not only for coffee but also for my favorite cereal ever I definitely let out a squeal. When they disappeared from Costco shelves last year I thought I wouldn’t get to have it again. (It’s just too expensive elsewhere.) When it came back I bought a box right away. Then this week I bought two boxes. (I still have an unopened box.) I hope this will last quite a while. šŸ˜€

By the way, can anyone tell me why cereal is a seasonal item in the winter? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

First group run in the morning! So excited! Look for the recap some time tomorrow.



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  2. Pingback: 12 Miles–the First Long Run for Marathon #3 | Stepping Out

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