Resolution Run Half Marathon Week 1

Before I get to the recap I want to give an update about the blog.

In order to keep an uncluttered training page I am creating a separate blog post for each training cycle. I will update that post when I write a weekly recap, such as today, or a long run recap. The link on the training page will take you to that post. That being said I apologize for “flooding” your reader or email inbox with three posts today.

How did the first week of the new training cycle play out?

Monday: 4 miles Fartlek changed to easy.
I decided to skip speed work since I’d demanded a lot out of my legs on Saturday with the 15k. The run went very well and the new lunar glides held up very well.

Tuesday: 1 mile stationary bike warm up + Nike Training Club App workout
I still really love the app. This workout didn’t seem hard at the time but I felt it Wednesday and Thursday for sure. That’s what happens with several minutes of lunges and dead lifts after not having done any strength training for two weeks due to the marathon.

Wednesday: 5 miles
I started this run in the morning even though my legs were killing me. When the internet slowed and I didn’t have the distraction of Dr. Who I planned to finish the remaining 4.5 outside after class. My legs didn’t feel much better then but I got out there and loved every step. The run was awesome! (My legs were still sore after though.)

Thursday: 5 miles + light strength
This didn’t happen. My legs were still sore so I decided to take a rest day. If I didn’t I wouldn’t get a rest day until Sunday. I didn’t think that was wise. I felt stir crazy all day though so tomorrow’s workout will not have as many lunges and dead lifts.

Friday: stationary bike
Originally I changed this to the 5 miles I skipped Thursday but I really wanted to ride the bike so I changed it back. I’ve adjusted a few things mileage wise in the plan so it all worked out. I felt a little guilty though so I pushed harder than I normally do, sweated a little bit more and loved the workout more.

Saturday: 10 miles, group run
Originally I had 7 miles on the plan this week and 10 on Saturday. Since I’ll be running on the treadmill Saturday I dreaded 10 miles. I’ve done 7 before. The group run ended up being an excellent idea.

Sunday: yoga or rest
I told myself over and over again that I was going to go to yoga but I didn’t end up going. I just haven’t felt like doing it for a while. Yoga is something I can take or leave but I really do want to get back into practice so I’m committing to myself to go on Tuesday.

Can’t wait for the rest of this week! This week will be my first “official” week with 4 days running.


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