Resolution Run Half Marathon Training Week 2

Long time, no see. To put it simply, the weekend was crazy.

This week, specifically the weekend, was about making do with the twists and turns of life. How did it go?

Monday: 5x long hills with .5 warm up and cool down
This is the first time I’ve done any sort of “hill” workout so I learned as I went. I think I might have been able to go a little faster on the hills and perhaps increased the incline on the treadmill. Overall though the run got my heart pumping and I loved it.

Tuesday: warm up + Nike training club app (morning) yoga (evening)
The morning strength training session went well as usual. I made sure not to include too many lunges or dead lifts but it was still a fantastic workout.
I almost didn’t go to yoga but then I remembered declaring that I would go in last week’s training recap so I ran out the door with 7 minutes to spare. It took a little while for my mind to calm down but I finished the evening feeling very stretched and “detoxed”.

Wednesday: 5.5 miles
This run felt the best out of all my treadmill runs. Seriously. I felt focused and strong. I’m definitely going to pick up the speed during week 3.

Thursday: 6 miles
I upped the mileage on this run by .5 to make up for the switch in long run mileages. (I’m glad I did for reasons I’ll describe later.) I was determined to get this run done outside so I wouldn’t be banished to the treadmill for all 4 of my runs. Because of that and the rain that greeted me at 6:30 I delayed the start just enough to feel a bit off. That didn’t matter though. The run went fantastically. I pushed it on the hills and kept going even in the slight drizzle that started after the halfway point. i felt so strong that the sprint felt wonderful. I even got to a sub 6 minute pace. (Wouldn’t it be amazing to run more than .002 that fast? 😉 )

Friday: stationary bike
There was nothing unusual about this ride. Nice and strong like usual.

Saturday: 7 miles (plan) 3.5ish (actual)
This is where things get interesting. I knew I would have to run on the hotel treadmill. What I didn’t plan on was fiddling with the machines to get them to work and thinking I wouldn’t be able to run at all. I finally figured out to turn the treadmill on only to discover that the display didn’t work! I had only a vague idea of my pace and no idea of my distance. I did more mental math during that half hour to last me a life time. One positive out of the run is that I forced myself to run my goal 5k pace for most of since I was missing the 5k. I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus and finish so I decided to finish the other half of the run Sunday when we got home. Heh heh

Sunday: rest due to traveling (original plan) 3.5 (edited plan) sitting on butt in car (actual)
Due to circumstances out of our control my dad and I ended up driving almost all of the way back. (I was the only one with the barest relief of half an hour.) Since we didn’t get started until much later we ended up getting a hotel just inside West Virginia and things kept taking longer and longer. (cue locking of keys inside uHaul story) I was actually okay with this since I’d rather get home in one piece than in time to run or even go to my church’s 20th anniversary service on the 20th.

Initially when I looked back on week of training today I was disappointed and chalked the week up to a failure. As I started to recap I realized how great the week was except for things out of my control. That’ll teach me. 😀

Here’s to an even better week 3! (preview…today’s run was amazing!)



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