Resolution Run Half Marathon Week 4

I had another really great week of training capped by an amazing race. I’m so thrilled that this increased mileage plan not only is working (hello speed!) but also coincides with HBBC.

How did last week play out? (I’ll put the number of HBBC points for the day in parentheses by the exercise.)

Monday: 3 x 1 mile with 400m jogs (4.5 + 1 veggie)
The first mile was tough, almost too tough so I switched to 800 intervals. The run was really good though. Got nice and sweaty. I’m also thrilled with how these speed work sessions are helping me get my speed back.

Tuesday: warm up + Nike training club (1.5 + 1 veggie)
I loved the exercises again and learned a new exercise that I really like, basketball lunges. I wanted to go to yoga but ended up having to run an errand instead. I will go again tomorrow since the gym isn’t offering the Tuesday night yoga again until January.

Wednesday: 6 miles changed to 5 (5.25 + 1 veggie)
I wasn’t feeling the 6 miles before I started (for no real reason) so I downgraded the miles a little. The run itself went really well and I definitely could have done the full 6 if I had given myself enough time.

Thursday: 15 min abs Nike Training Club + 6 miles (7.25 + 1 veggie)
Since I had a sub job I did the abs work out before work and my abs were killing me. For the first time in many months I ran after work and it was absolutely amazing! I went out really fast, 8:46 and figured I should slow down a little. I did a little on the hill (nasty headwind!) but ended up with an 8:59 pace! This increasing speed makes me giddy. (I should prepare for when speed work won’t give me such dramatic results but I’m enjoying it too much right now. :D)

Friday: stationary bike at gym (5 + 1 veggie)
I pushed a little longer on this ride just to get the extra HBBC point. I think the challenge is working. 😀

Saturday: paris Mountain Road Race 20k (12.5 + 1 veggie)
This race was absolutely incredible! I’m definitely doing this race again if it fits in my schedule.
The mountain was not kind to my shins though and this time the left one really bothered me. I did notice a bruise at the sensitive thought so I probably just bumped it some time. (I’m klutzy like that) I’ve been wearing my compression socks religiously. 😀

Sunday: rest or yoga (1 veggie)
I decided to make this a complete rest day like last Sunday.

I am so excited about this training cycle. Only 4 more weeks until the half marathon!

Coming up next? easy long run this Saturday then the HHI Jingle Jingle (chasing the elusive 5k PR)


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