Triple Tuesday Tangents Part 1

Just like Thankful Thursday I’ve decided to start numbering these too. 🙂

(Side note: I’m babysitting and forgot my laptop so I’m creating this post with my iPad. (I like the WordPress app so far…)

1. I walk while I study (and read sometimes).
Maybe this has something to do with the unexpected really good grades I’ve gotten in Middle East this semester. I guess I should also admit that I read the notes out loud too. I learned once that the more sense one involves the more likely one is to remember. I think it’s working. (of course…that doesn’t explain the reading while walking but I’m just weird. 😉 )

2. I don’t really respond well to technological malfunctions.
I think I already described (albeit several months ago) my meltdown when my iPod erased itself. Now, today I didn’t react that badly but I had a little bit of difficulty with the Nike Training Club app on my phone. Somehow the volume got turned all the way down but I didn’t realize it. I thought it was malfunctioning so I deleted it and tried to download it. It didn’t download. I was a bit frustrated to have to cut the workout short but I made up for it and got the work out in after finals.

3. I didn’t like sandwiches until I was an adult.
Seriously, I didn’t even really like bread. I was such a picky eater as a kid. I can’t imagine the trouble I put my mother through when she tried to pack my school lunches. The irony is that I love sandwiches now. In fact, I didn’t eat pb & j until college and one year I think I ate it every day. (That’s a tangent for another day. :D)


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