Hilton Head Island Jingle Jingle 5k–PR smashed!

I am more than a little excited about this race, specifically my results. I came into the race knowing I could do it but not 100% certain. I did wonder if my doubt would keep me from a PR but it clearly did not.

I finally wore a different shirt for the race.
Jingle Jingle 5k

I thought that advertising my “toughness” was a good way to go into the race. 😀 Plus, the fabric is wonderful and so is the cut. Count on seeing this shirt a few more times. (I wasn’t a big fan of the lack of a headband to hide my bedhead/I haven’t showered yet but I was the idiot that forgot it. :D)

Mom and I got there a little early so we had some time to kill. I was a bit hyper too so when she asked me to avoid “road rage”…
Jingle Jingle 5k
(Disclaimer: the pic is staged…it took quite a while to get it too because I couldn’t stop laughing.)

Finally we made our way to the start line.
Jingle Jingle 5k

The race started on the campus of the hospital so we had to get out of the way of ambulances a couple times, including right before the start.

I did not like the start, mainly because we had just stepped back in place after the ambulance passed and because I got elbowed and shoved in the back right as we started. Seriously?

Once the race started there wasn’t much going through my head besides “run fast” and I did. Each time I looked down at my Garmin I saw 7:30 or 7:50. That made me very, very happy.

In fact, I was so focused on running that I don’t remember much of the course. It was like I had blinders on. I just knew that if I kept up my pace I could PR. That’s all I focused on.

The last mile stretched forever. At one point I glanced down at the Garmin and saw that I had .6 left. A couple minutes later I glanced down again and saw that I needed .55 left. I thought I had gone much farther than that. I was almost ready to be done but I knew I was so close I had to keep going and I had to keep up my pace.

Finally I came around the last curve and could see the finish line.
Jingle Jingle 5k
See that older guy a couple yards in front of me? Yeah, he stopped ON the finish line, right in front of me. I almost ran him over.

So, the results?
Jingle Jingle 5k

I did it! I smashed my PR by 19 seconds!!!!

Even better?
Jingle Jingle 5k

This just proves that I can run sub 8 minute miles! Plus, it gives me a reason to be this excited!
Jingle Jingle 5k

Then I used my free Starbucks drink card (I saved it just for a PR reward)
Jingle Jingle 5k
and am contentedly looking forward to the rest of the day. (and maybe…just maybe…a PR in the half marathon in January)

[I’m using this as my Jingle Bell Hell virtual run at Taking it On]



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6 responses to “Hilton Head Island Jingle Jingle 5k–PR smashed!

  1. Awesome pacing! My most recent 5K was a total crash and burn! I wish I had your discipline 🙂 Way to do it! Congrats! To enter the Jingle Bell Hell contest thing, you could just put a link to my blog at the end or something…saying that you’re using this as your Jingle Bell Hell virtual run at Taking It On. Then I can reciprocate and put a link to you in the JBH section 🙂 Does that make sense?

  2. Fun recap and an awesome pace! You definitely earned the Starbucks reward!

    My JBH recap is here [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  3. Wow! Great time! I only dream of running that fast…
    Did my Jingle Bell Hell today!

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