Resolution Run Half Marathon Week 6

It’s getting kind of repetitive but I had yet another great week of training last week. I am just thrilled by this training cycle and hope that it never stops. 😀

How did last week shape up? (HBBC points in parentheses)

Monday: 4 x 1 mile with 800m jogs (10[several miles of walking later in day] + 1 veggie)
I pushed really hard on the miles and had to stop after to catch my breath. I think that’s yet more proof that I’m pushing hard. 😀

Tuesday: stationary bike warm-up + Nike Training Club (4.25 + 1 veggie)
I had a really great warm up on the bike but then I had trouble getting the app working. I did come back after my exam and knocked out a great one. I thought I was going to be sore but I wasn’t that much.

Wednesday: 7 miles (7.25 + 1 veggie)
It was a good average run. It’s definitely cool that a 9:23 pace is average now.

Thursday: 4 miles + Nike Training Club (5.75 + 3[walking] + 1 veggie)
I pushed the speed on this run since it was shorter than normal and managed to run 2 sub 9 minute miles for an 8:45 pace. I actually made it back to the gym too to get in a Nike Training Club work out and it kicked my butt!

Friday: stationary bike at gym (5 + 1 veggie)
I had a delayed start because I couldn’t find my keys. (They were in my purse the whole time.) I pushed the speed and sweat a lot but that’s probably because the heat was up at the gym. (Anyone know why gyms do that? It’s a bit annoying.)

Saturday: Hilton Head Island Jingle Jingle 5k (3.25)
I actually managed to win my age group! That just makes the PR even that much sweeter!

Sunday: 14 miles changed to 12 + cycling on bike path (12.3 + 1.7 + 1 veggie)
My legs felt super heavy during the run. That’s to be expected of course. I also learned that music motivates me much better than sermons. 😀 I finished strong though with a sprint at the end.

I am so psyched about this week and can’t wait to rack up the miles this week. 😀


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