Triple Tuesday Tangents Part 2-HHI Edition

Harry Potter is surprisingly easier to read in Spanish than Twilight
It took me the longest time to finish The Host in Spanish. Once I did I started Order of the Phoenix and I know I’ll be done with that if not the end of the week than by December 31st.
I’m not sure what the difference is because J. K. Rowling is a much better author than Stephanie Meyer so the sentence structure and vocabulary are much more advanced.
Be that as it may it’s much easier to read and in my opinion much more enjoyable.

I almost got lost on my bike ride this morning
I really need to start paying attention to where I’m going if I decide to go exploring. 🙂 I decided to check oh a path by a local park but couldn’t remember how to get back to the path so I ended up circling the park a time and a half.

I chew my food weird.
I thought I would through in a really odd one to round out the entry. 😉
I’m well aware that this is a bit OCD but I’ll share anyway. When I eat I always chew on the left side first, then the right and almost always take an even number of bites.

Off to watch The Holiday!


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  1. Getting lost is the funnest way to find new ways to get places. I learned a lot of what I know about Greenville by getting lost.

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