Friday Favorites–Wednesday Edition

Obviously today isn’t Friday. For that I’m thankful. 😀 I’m not ready to go home just yet. However, I’ve had things I’ve wanted to declare as favorites for the past couple Fridays now yet have run out of time both of those days.

So, since I have the time today and since some of these things have to do with Christmas I decided I’d take this opportunity to declare my love. 😀

So, some of the things I’ve been loving today are:

The moment I learned that he had a Christmas CD I wanted it. He has the perfect voice for almost all of my favorite Christmas carols. I saw the CD at Starbucks at the beginning of the month and my mom bought it for me. I can’t say enough of how much I love this CD. I really, really do. I’ve been listening to it so much and can’t help dancing. 😀
Obviously this is not a surprise. I love coffee. I love Starbucks. I love Christmas. Is there any more perfect blend of those three things than Starbucks Christmas blend? I think not.
I didn’t know what I would think of this when I first got it earlier this summer but I really like it. I put it on my coffee grounds before I pour the hot water in. When I ran out and Trader Joe’s didn’t have any more I was very sad. 😦 Then a couple weeks ago I saw it again so of course I had to grab two. 😀

This little notebook has been a lifesaver and the reason that I was able to successfully complete nanowrimo this year. I did all of my brainstorming, plot working and even a little story writing in here. Plus, it’s just so cute! I can’t wait to fill it up and get another, maybe green next.

Hilton Head Island. Do I need to say anything else? I really do think it’s the best place ever…even if it was super muggy/humid this morning. (December…really? It just rained though so it’s better already.)

Finally, is there really anything better than presents under the tree? I may not be home now but I still think so. I love Christmas by the way.


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