Christmas Morning Half Marathon Plus Loot

So, today I ran a half marathon…not a real one of course. I’m not sure there would be many takers for an organized race on Christmas day. Actually, knowing runners there just might be.

My head was not into this run when I started. My body felt find and my legs even felt fairly fresh (considering what I put them through last week) but I kept thinking about cutting the run short and other vaguely negative thoughts. (I don’t even think that I had coherent negative thoughts. They were just negative.)

I told myself to get to mile 5.5 when I would walk for just a little while I ate some chomps. Then I told myself just one more mile and I would turn around.

I made it. Then somewhere between miles 7.5-10 something clicked in my brain and it registered that I was actually running fairly fast. It was also during that time that I decided to run 13.1 miles instead of the 13 I had planned. It’s not that much farther anyway.

When I dropped to a brief walk at mile 11 to eat the other half of the pack of chomps I saw that my current time was 1:41:xx. If I kept up the same pace I had been running I could make it under 2 hours no problem. My half marathon PR is 1:58:44 and I just knew i could make it under that time and I did! 1:58:28!

To make things even better, that half marathon PR? My Garmin read that the course was about a tenth short. (It may or may not have been but I’m taking it.)

This gives me confidence that I just may be able to get a PR on the half in two weeks. That’s not for sure though because the course is super hilly.

As I look back on the run this morning I realize just how much my passions have changed since I started running.

In Christmases past everyone knew what I was getting for Christmas, books, books and more books. I still love to read but I’m trying new authors and genres so the library is the best bet now.

These are the kinds of things I ask for now:

What’s there? 4 Starbucks mugs, 1 book (running related), 1 running log, 1 iPhone armband (so excited about this), 1 mini donut pan, gum, 3 race entries (1 10 miler, 2 half marathons), 1 Subway giftcard, $10 for Starbucks and 10 packs of Gu chomps. (My grandfather was very excited to wrap each one of those packs individually to put in my stocking. No seriously, he got a huge kick out of it.)

It’s easy to divide my gifts (with the exception of the donut pan…I’m just excited about that) into two categories: coffee and running. No surprises there.

I can’t wait to put all this into use tomorrow. Be that as it may, the best part of my day today was giving that cross stitch project to my aunt and uncle. I wish I had taken a picture of it but it really was wonderful to know how much it meant.


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