Triple Tangents Tuesday–Part 3

The holidays and vacation are nice but returning to a routine is very much welcome. I’m starting with this post (:D) and then will have a “normal” day tomorrow.

Without further ado here is some more information I thought I’d share about myself. 😀

1. Words printed on the road
Have you ever seen words printed on the road, usually a bike path? I first noticed this many years ago on the bike paths at Hilton Head that would warn of an upcoming stop sign. The words should have been read “Stop Ahead” but I always read it “Ahead Stop”. The words were printed with the first word to be read closest to the person but I always read it from top to bottom like a normal sign. Weird, I know.

2. Chewing gum
For many years I’ve chewed gum, a lot of it. I always got gum in my stocking. What’s the big deal? Well, around July I decided to stop chewing gum. I’d been having GI issues and figured I could save some money as well.
Old habits die hard though…

Those plus one more were in my stockings. Maybe next year people will actually believe me when I say that I don’t chew gum any more. 😀

3. I keep track of the books I read.
I write down more than the title and author though. I record the page number and the date I finished. I also keep track of the books I own. (That list is not as accurate because I haven’t renumbered the list after several purges.)

I love being able to look back and see when I read books or compare how much I read one year to another. For instance, last year I read 349 books…most of them young adult…but this year my goal is to get to 50 and I’m at 45 or 46 right now. One fact is clear about this though…I love to read.


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