Thankful Thursday Part 4

It’s an understatement for me to say that I love vacation. I think I’ve actually (finally) figured out how to be productive and relaxed at the same time. 😀

Today I’m thankful for parents who support my craziness.

Without a doubt, a majority of my Christmas loot was running related including several race registrations not pictured here. Now that I’m on extremely limited income I’m extremely grateful for these gifts that support my habit. 😀

Today I’m thankful for Hershey’s peppermint kisses.
Just my luck that after I develop a rather large affinity for Ghiradelli peppermint bark Target no longer has any more. (They’ve clearly been cleaned out.) While these

(ignore the Twix bar) are clearly not the same they definitely hit the spot for a hint of sweetness without being too much.

Today I’m thankful for my to do list.

I know I’m on vacation but I crave structure. I like getting things done. It’s the pressure that comes along with it that I don’t like. Of course, my daily to do list on vacation is much lighter than during the school year and more than once I’ve changed the due date to some time in the future. This combination seems to work. I get the “high” of crossing things off the list with the flexibility of vacation. (We’ll see what happens when the next semester starts.)

Today I’m thankful for cooler (aka sub freezing) weather.
This seems something strange to be thankful for but I most definitely am. Apparently temperatures colder than this:

make me something close to a speed demon, at least compared to marathon training speeds. This morning with no extra effort (besides excess shivering) I managed an 8:44 average pace for 7 miles. I am loving this speed and hope that at least a little bit of it sticks around once the humid summer hits again.

Today I’m thankful for the extra time to read.
I’ve been taking advantage of this extra time to buckle down on my to read pile. It’s been long neglected but I’m pleased to say that I’ve made significant progress on these books.

Just before typing this I finished Harry Potter, one more book closer to 50 for the year! I’m also really liking the Kara Goucher book. There were more than a few other books ahead of it on the “list” but I just had to start reading it Christmas Day.

Today I’m thankful for buy one get one free Starbucks Christmas blend coffee.

I’ll gladly admit that as soon as I got the text from Starbucks announcing the deal I grabbed my purse and my jacket and dashed over there. It seems like Starbucks learned their lesson about their 12 days of giving “deal”. People are much more likely to buy when it’s buy one get one then when it’s just $5 off.

What’s coming up next? One more race in 2011!


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