Thankful Thursday Part 5

I’ll just jump right in today.

Today I’m thankful for the end of vacation.
I know that just a few weeks ago I said I was thankful for the arrival of vacation. I think it’s possible to be thankful for both. I’m ready to get back into the swing of school because I’m running out of things to do. 😀 For instance I’ve read many more books than usual. I’ve finished all those cross stitch projects before Christmas. I made my race book. I’ve started studying Portuguese. I could go on. I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll be ready for vacation again.

Today I’m thankful for free language software.
I mentioned above that I’ve started studying Portuguese. I’m able to do that even though I haven’t purchased Rosetta Stone yet because my local library makes a language learning program available. All I have to do is type in my library card number. Hopefully this will be enough until I’m able to purchase Rosetta Stone.

Finally, today I’m thankful for my gym membership.
I got a really good deal on membership at my local gym way back in September of 2009 due to the fact that I worked for the local school system. That’s at least one reason why I’m thankful for that job. Even though I thought about discontinuing the membership once I completed the initial 2 year contract I kept it up simply because I love my gym. I love the convenience of it. Plus, even though I can do the Nike Training Club workouts at home (most of them) it’s far more motivating to do them at the gym.



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2 responses to “Thankful Thursday Part 5

  1. I’m thankful for Friday now…

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