Resolution Run Half Marathon–Race Recap

I had a great race today; PRs make anything awesome!

Back to the beginning…

This race started later than another other race I’ve run (I think), 9:15am probably to help with the non-existent cold. Because of that I had time to eat a full breakfast without even waking up earlier than normal.

Mom and I arrived at the start at 9:00am just like I’d planned so I had a few minutes to wait.
Resolution Run Half Marathon 2012
(I love the race bib! Kudos to the designer!)

They actually started the race a few minutes early. It didn’t matter to me since I was already there. Unfortunately at least one girl was affected. My mom said she saw a girl running to the start. (She would have been on time otherwise.)

I started too fast…
Screen Shot 2012-01-07 at 1.32.18 PM
Seriously Jen? 8:30 for the first two miles?

This happens to me a lot. Something I need to work on is pacing, for sure.

I didn’t worry about it too much while running since I decided before the race to just run by feel and listen to my body. I made a conscious effort to avoid looking at the Garmin to check my pace.

Those first 5 miles felt amazing even with the rolling hills. (Seriously, Travelers Rest? You are not easy to run in.) I had to smile when I got close to mile marker 5. When I picked up my race packet yesterday I had driven on that road and hoped that I would get to run there today. It was gorgeous. On top of that, I saw a real miniature horse for the first time in my life. Its owner had come down to spectate.

The rolling hills were difficult but I was still okay from miles 5-8. (That included hearing a splat and realizing that my chomps had just fallen from my armband. Great. 😀 I did managed to retrieve them and get them to stay until mile 11 when I ate them.)

My pace (and the hills) started to get to me around mile 8 but I refused to look at my Garmin and just kept pressing forward counting down the miles until mile 11 when I would walk and eat my Chomps. (I didn’t walk at 5.5 when I ate the Gu.)

The course went through the Green Valley area at that point. Lots of lovely hills.

When I finally got to mile 11 I ended up eating the entire pack of Chomps since I knew it would fall out of the arm band if I tried to put just half back. No big deal.

I looked at the time on my Garmin and saw 1:40:xx. I knew right then that I would be able to PR if I just kept going. I really wanted to walk right then but the idea of a PR kept me going.

Finally I saw the final turn and tried to put at least a little bit of a sprint in. (I had almost nothing left.)
(I had a picture but accidentally deleted it. 😦 )

When I got to the finish I was so happy. I crossed that finish line just under 1:57:00!
photo (1)

That far exceeded my stretch goal of 1:58:00 so I am absolutely thrilled! Not only did I PR but I did it on a course that was not easy by any stretch of the imagination. I even managed an 8:52 average pace!

I am so excited about this PR and can’t wait to keep training. That sub 1:50:00 half marathon may be a year or so away but it is out there and so close I can taste it!

What’s up next? Greenville News Run Downtown 5k (I’ll go out and do my best but I won’t be gunning for a PR. I’m just running it to get a shirt with the number 12 on it. :D)

What’s up for the weekend of January 7, 2013? Harbison 50k in Columbia (Eek! It’s out there! Ultramarathon, here I come!)



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5 responses to “Resolution Run Half Marathon–Race Recap

  1. Congrats on the PR!!!! sounds like a great race!

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