Thankful Thursday–Part Six

I have a lot to be thankful for on this very busy day. (That’s what happens when I have to attend an extra service at school to mark the opening of the semester. FYI, I’m not exactly thankful about that. ;D)

That being said, I do have several things I want to share.

Today I’m thankful for my headlamp.
I was able to start running before the sun came up this morning so I could get the miles in before class. I asked for the headlamp for Christmas for just this reason. I knew that not only was the sun not coming up as soon but also my morning class starts 25 minutes earlier this semester than last semester. Without my headlamp I wouldn’t have been able to get in 6 miles and get to school on time.

Today I’m thankful for a leaner body.
I have no idea how this has happened but recently I have noticed a slightly lower number on the scale and more room in my pants and skirts. Not only is that a self-esteem boost but also that means I can wear my skirts just a little bit lower and make sure that my hemline falls below my knees easily. (This means nothing to anyone who doesn’t attend my particular school. :D)

Today I’m thankful for amazon prime.
Amazon Prime is a wonderful thing. It is such a privilege to be able to order a book (or 3) and have them shipped in 2 days, for free. Just wonderful. Oh, I also discovered that Amazon Prime members also get free instant streaming. (I’m still investigating that.)

Today I’m thankful for good book recommendations.
The last week of vacation I finally got around to getting several books from the library that Jenna recommended. I would never have picked up books like Violets of March and These is my Words if not for her recommendation. So far she’s 2 for 2. I’ve got 2 more already checked out from the library. I’m sure those will be good as well.

Today I’m thankful for technology, specifically the Reminders app.
I think I’ve already raved about this function but I love how easily it lets me set up check lists and to do lists to make sure that I study for the tests and know when the due date for papers and projects approach.

I’m off to study Portuguese! Good night!


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  1. Portuguese! Awesome! My husband works with some Brazilian guys and he has picked up a little Brazilian Portuguese.

    Do let me know where I can send your Jingle Bell prize đŸ™‚

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