Weekly Roundup–1/9/12-1/15/12

It’s a bit odd to not have an official training plan.

Right now I’m pursuing my goal of a half marathon a month. Clearly that doesn’t leave enough time to insert complete training plans between races.

However, I am working on building up my base mileage. I think that was what kept me so slow during marathon training last fall. I have written out monthly training plans for January and February. I’ll write March’s in a few weeks.

Here’s January’s plan:

Now for the week in review:

Monday: 4 miles
Last week it rained on Monday and Wednesday. I don’t mind running in the rain if it starts while I’m running. Unless I have a really long run I won’t start in the rain. Instead I used the treadmill. The run felt fine. I’m not a fan but it gets the job done.

Tuesday: stationary bike + Nike Training Club
The warm up on the bike was nice and easy. The NTC workout on the other hand didn’t seem like much at first but I could barely get through it. I was dripping in sweat by the end. (Side note: someone found my blog by searching for sweaty mess…lol)

Wednesday: 4 miles
Again the rain forced me to the treadmill. I felt stronger than Monday and wished I could run outside. I hoped that it wouldn’t rain Thursday. (which it didn’t)

Thursday: 6 miles
I used my headlamp for the first time so I could start early enough to finish in time to get to class. The wind was brutal starting out which made it very cold. At times it felt like I was barely lifting my foot off the ground but the second half felt much better. I maintained a 9:10 pace.

Friday: stationary bike at gym
I zoned out early on so I didn’t pedal as fast during the first half. That meant that I had to push really, really hard at the end to get to 15 miles.

Saturday: 8 miles
I recapped it here.

Sunday: 15 minute Nike Training Club workout
The workout didn’t feel too challenging but I think that was my fault for not pushing enough. I got it done though.

What race is coming up next? Greenville News Downtown 5k
Which half comes next? Hilton Head Half Marathon (I’m so excited that I get to run this again!)


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