Triple Tuesday Tangents–Part Six

So, I just found out that wikipedia is going offline for all of tomorrow in protest of the PIPA and SOPA acts in Congress. I’m a bit relieved because I thought they were going to go offline indefinitely. I guess that could be a tangent…I love my wikipedia…but it’s not.

These are:

1. I used to eat my apples in a very odd manner.
When I was younger I got very frustrated with the red delicious apples I ate. I would take a bite and chew through the flesh of the apple long before the peel. (I still don’t like red delicious.) I came up with a solution. I decided to eat the peel first and then the flesh. I used my teeth to peel the apple. Yeah, I looked pretty ridiculous and did it for years. The only reason I stopped? I got some apples a couple years ago that were really small and it would have been beyond ridiculous to peel those first. 😀

2. Finishing my race book made me want to sign up for more races.
I have a picture of the completed book that I’ll post tomorrow. I am so thrilled with it. When I finally received the book I loved it. Then I added the race bibs. (Only a few had to be trimmed.) As I taped each in the book I could help but want just as many if not more bibs to tape into next year’s book. Unfortunately, there’s that pesky little thing called money standing in my way. 😀

3. Remember my excitement about Amazon Prime free instant streaming?
They still have it…just for paid account members. Apparently my mother has a “guest” membership (or something like that) on our account. She said that it’s supposed to be switched over to her soon so perhaps not all is lost. 😀

And a “rant” to end the post? What on earth is wrong with the weather?!


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